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Option buying or selling using option chain data

Option buying or Option selling using Option Chain data

Here we will discuss on how to use Options Chain data for F&O Trading

Option Buying Strategy using Option Chain Resistance and support with 60-70% accuracy and RR 1:1.25 minimum.

A simple intraday trading setup based on the Option Chain analysis technique. The chart timeframe for this intraday strategy is 5 minutes.

Using this configuration, you can trade equities and indexes that are a part of the derivatives market. Additionally, you can trade it using any instrument, such as cash (equity shares), futures, or options. Additionally, you can trade using this method in both bullish and negative markets.

To locate areas of resistance or support, we will use the Option Chain, … Read the rest

Banknifty For Monday 22 April 2023 Analysis

Banknifty For Monday 22 April 2023 Analysis


As there is Good Supply Zone at 42300 levels there can be rejection from this levels but if it breaks then a huge movement can be expected Upwards.

As there is a Good Demand  Zone at 42000 levels there can be rejection at this level but if it breaks then a huge movement can be expected downwards.



Banknifty Analysis for today 22 apr 2023Read the rest

Order blocks – a hidden secret of trading

The concept of order blocks is very important to make consistent profits from market where we can follow the institutions positions. Here in this article we will decode the order blocks where many traders wondering what they are and how to use them when trading.

What are order blocks?

In short words: order blocks are a powerful type of supply and demand zone.

Order blocks pack a serious punch of orders when it comes to triggering reversals – way more than your average zones. Plus, they’re unique little power points, forming exclusively from tight range consolidations instead of a two or three candle base.

Order blocks are based on supply Demand concepts but they pretty rare compared to your standard … Read the rest

Smart money concepts introduction

Order Block trading strategy for orders with examples
I’ll talk about the order block trading strategy with examples in this article. A trading strategy known as the order block trading strategy includes locating and trading off important price levels on a price chart. Traders who employ this strategy search for regions where there has been a lot of buying or selling in the past, as these regions may later serve as locations of support or resistance.

Order blocks can be found in any market, including stocks, futures, currency, and cryptocurrencies, and can be employed in any timeframe, from minutes to weeks. To confirm trades or spot possible trades, order block trading can be used in conjunction with other technical analysis … Read the rest

Smart money concepts introduction – Market Structure Map

Smart Money Market Structure Trading Strategy

Continue reading since many people may find this material to be eye opening. I’m going to talk about the core idea of the smart money trading method, or the smart money market structure trading strategy, using examples.

This idea is broken down into three sections. These are what they are:


  1. Supply and Demand – Please follow the link for reading more on Supply and Demand.
  2. Order Block Follow this linke where Smart money concepts order blocks explained.


  1. SD FLIP
  2. CHoCH
  3. BOS


  1. Liquidity Hunting
  2. Inducement

In our one of the previous article, we discussed “Supply and Demand” and “Order Block Trading Read the rest

Supply Demand- fundamentals of market

Supply And Demand – the hidden secret which makes market move up or down. When demand is more than supply then prices moves up and when supply is more than demand then price moves down.

Supply and demand is a fantastic long term strategy that can get you into some of the biggest reversals and trends in the market.

Trading supply and demand on the daily timeframe is not much different to trading it on any other timeframe like 1 hour or 15 mins.

In fact, besides a couple of differences in entry and stop loss position which can be big for daily timeframe, there’s zero difference between how you trade them. The daily timeframe is made up of more … Read the rest

Stop loss in options from futures

Your trading plan must have an entry price, a price target, and a stop loss. In this article, we discuss how to determine stop loss for your option trades.

Managing risk

A stop loss is a price at which you decide to close your position and cut your losses. A simple way to determine a stop loss for a stock is to fix a price few points below an appropriate support level. Suppose you determine that the support level for Tata Motors is 541. You could keep 538 as your stop loss, which is far away from the current price of 610. Some traders prefer to keep tighter stops. For instance, a stop loss of 603 based on the low … Read the rest

Banknifty Nifty Vwap with Previous day Vwap strategy simple

Banknifty Nifty Vwap strategy simple

One of the strategy for VWAP for Banknifty and Nifty is to consider the closing of previous day VWAP on Banknifty/Nifty Futures Chart. Now let’s Draw a horizontal line which will be indicated as PVWAP or Previous Day VWAP. Now on the current day chart VWAP indicator is added when the price breaks through PVWAP line with relatively higher than average volume say atleast 40k on 3 min candle of Banknifty , you can go long or short.

For safer traders, you can always wait for price to pullback to PVWAP and check for rejection like long wicks. Once you spot it, you can go long/short accordingly.

Now the gap between PVWAP and CVWAP(current VWAP) … Read the rest