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Stock selection for intraday



When it comes to intraday trading, selecting the right stocks is crucial for success. One popular approach is to analyze open interest and identify support and resistance levels. In this article, we will explore how open interest can be used to make informed stock selection decisions.

Understanding Open Interest

Open interest refers to the total number of outstanding contracts in a particular stock or option. It represents the number of contracts that have been bought or sold but have not yet been closed out. High open interest suggests strong market participation and indicates that a stock is actively traded.

Using Open Interest for Stock Selection

Here are the steps to select stocks for intraday trading based on open interest:

  1. Identify stocks with high open interest: Look for stocks that have a significant number of outstanding contracts. This indicates that there is a lot of interest and activity in those stocks, making them suitable for intraday trading.
  2. Check for support and resistance levels: Analyze the open interest data to identify support and resistance levels. Support levels are price levels where the stock has historically found buying interest, while resistance levels are price levels where the stock has historically faced selling pressure.
  3. Look for breakouts: Once support and resistance levels are identified, monitor the stock for potential breakouts. A breakout occurs when the stock price moves above a resistance level or below a support level with high open interest. This indicates a potential trend reversal or continuation, making it an attractive opportunity for intraday trading.
  4. Consider volume: In addition to open interest, also consider the trading volume of the stock. High volume combined with high open interest further confirms the strength of the breakout or reversal.


By analyzing open interest and identifying support and resistance levels, traders can make more informed decisions when selecting stocks for intraday trading. Remember to consider both open interest and trading volume to confirm the strength of potential breakouts or reversals. With proper analysis and risk management, using open interest can be a valuable tool in your intraday trading strategy.