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Point of Control (POC) Line

Secrets of a Pivot Boss Summary – Value Area, VAP, POC, Pivot Points, CPR by Frank ochoa

Candlesticks Basics:

The body of a candle is the portion of the candle that extends from the open price to the closing price. White or green candles are used to indicate bullish sentiment when the close price is higher than the open price (C > 0). Bearish  Candle forms when the close price is  below the open price (C <O) which forms a black or red color candle and it signifies a bearish sentiment.  The candle’s top and bottom indicate the high and low prices of the bar in the chart. In cases where the high or low exceeds candle’s body, there’s an wick called a “shadow” or “tail”.

The distance between the candle’s low and high is … Read the rest