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Understanding the Stock market?

what drive the market?

Simple, buying and selling drives the market. no need to complicate.

Higher demand of stock and price goes up (more buyers than sellers)

Lower demand of stock and price goes down (more sellers than buyers)

what is bull market?

it is where Bulls are in charge that is a lot of buying taking place in market.

what is bear market?

it is where Bears are in charge that is a lot of selling taking place in market.

why do people give importance to volume?

Volumes are nothing but transactions taking place in the market like buying and selling. More activity can mean that there can be a price movement or price reversal.

What is more important for investors?

Value- every investor want to buy low and sell high. would like the market to go up.

There are FII and DII investors, they channelize the funds into sell options, buy or short stock equities or futures.


Simplify the understanding of the Stock market and you will know that its simple probability of price going up or price going down.